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Where To Buy Medical Scrubs

Medical scrubs are worn by a number of professionals. Everyone from doctors to dentists to veterinary technicians to nurses and medical office staff wear this uniform, which is meant to be comfortable and practical. It also easily identifies people as being part of the medical profession in some capacity. If you’re wondering where to buy medical scrubs, you have a number of different options available. Before you buy, you’ll need to decide what you’re looking for and balance fit and functionality with aesthetics. It’s important to look and feel good while you’re working, and that means getting the right fit and feeling confident about how you look.

Buying in Department Stores

Many of the larger department stores stock a supply of medical scrubs. You can find a variety of styles, sizes, colors, and patterns. The benefit of shopping in a department store is that you can take your time and look through the selections on your own. You can try on different types of scrubs and compare how one thing looks to another. It’s easy to return and exchange merchandise in department stores when you save your receipt.

Department store shopping is also convenient. You might be at the mall or in a shopping center to purchase a number of different things, and when you can buy your scrubs in the same place that you buy the other things on your list, you’re saving yourself time. You might save money, too. Many department stores have reward programs or loyalty cards that help you save on every purchase.

Buying in Specialty Stores

If there’s a specific size or style that you need, a specialty store that sells the best medical scrubs might be a better choice for you. When you find shops and boutiques that focus specifically on scrubs, you are guaranteed to get a larger selection. You’ll also be in a smaller store, usually, so you can rely on the help and expertise of sales associates who can help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Many of these specialty shops will also custom order anything that you want but may not be stocked on their shelves. They may have catalogs that you can browse if there’s something in particular that you want or like. You’ll usually find a reasonable return policy in these shops as well, and you can often sign up on their mailing list to get special offers, notices of sales, and introductions to new products.

Buying Online

People buy just about everything online these days, and work clothing is no exception. If you like the ease and simplicity of online shopping, you will find an abundance of options on the internet for medical scrubs. You can basically choose any color you want, any style, and every possible size. This is an attractive option when you’re buying scrubs because you can do your shopping at any time of the day or night. If you work the late shift at the hospital and you need to order scrubs at 2:00 in the morning, you can – the internet never closes.

The challenge with online shopping is that you don’t have the opportunity to try anything on before you buy it. However, the most reputable online retailers will have reliable sizing guides. You should be able to return anything that doesn’t fit, as well. And, once you order a pair of scrubs online from a certain company, you’ll know what to expect in terms of fit and feel. That will make all of your future orders a lot more efficient and predictable. There are usually shipping charges that you’ll have to pay for online ordering, but sometimes you’ll be offered coupons or discounts that can defray or even eliminate your shipping costs.

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Consignment and Used Scrubs

If you’re on a tight budget, you can always check consignment shops and used clothing stores. This is a great and affordable way to find gently worn scrubs that are still in excellent working order. You’ll have less of a selection when it comes to style, size, and color, but it won’t be too hard to find a pair that gets you to work and remains durable through a few years of additional wear.

Shopping Considerations

Most people love wearing scrubs because they are lightweight, comfortable, and easy to move around in. If you’re buying a pair for the first time or you seem to be having some trouble getting it right, consider a few important things.

Think about coverage, for example. Nurses, surgeons, and all medical professionals are always moving around. You’re often bending over patients and moving equipment. You don’t want to expose yourself to patients or colleagues. So, look for scrubs that will cover you and be likely to move with your body rather than reveal it.

Think about your color and pattern selections as well. Some employers will have guidelines and restrictions that must be followed. Find out what you can wear and not wear, and choose carefully. Look for fabrics and material that is fade resistant so that you don’t suddenly have a different color after a few washes.

Look for scrubs with pockets. You’ll need a place for pens, alcohol pads, notes, and other things you pick up during the course of a work day. Make sure your scrubs fit. You want them to be a bit baggy so they stay flexible, but they shouldn’t be so loose that they get into your way. Remember that quality is important so you can avoid tears and rips, and you always want to buy enough pairs that you don’t have to do laundry every day.

Knowing where to buy medical scrubs is just as important as knowing what kind of scrubs to buy. Do a little shopping online and in stores, and when you’re ready to buy, you’ll feel informed and sure about what you want. Talk to colleagues about where they buy their scrubs as well. This is an important part of your career, so take the purchase and stocking of scrubs seriously.

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How To Get A Service Dog For PTSD Veterans

Post-traumatic stress disorder is a common complication that affects people that have been involved in war in one way or another. It is commonly reported among soldiers who have participated in a violent operation at a given time in their career. Some of the people that experience PTSD are known to go through severe episodes of depression, nightmares and social anxiety. For such people coping with daily living routines can be an uphill task and if not closely monitored may have catastrophic results. It is with this in mind that anyone that has been in war or knows someone that was involved in war should know how to get a service dog for PTSD veterans.

Service dogs are basically pet dogs that have been trained to act as assistants to veterans. These dogs are often taken through a series of training routines that are aimed at giving them the ability to detect when an individual is experiencing nightmares and in such a case interrupt sleep. The dogs can also sense when their master is going through depression or anxiety attacks. In the event that the dog senses any of the negative symptoms of PTSD it is able to quickly respond by alerting other people or acting in an appropriate manner to remedy the situation.

Service dogs are an important asset when it comes to honoring war veterans and ensuring that the society as a whole remains safe. It is with this in mind that you need to realize the pets are only available through select government programs and non profit organizations. Obtaining such a dog is limited to people that are actually in need which is why controls are put in place to ascertain the needs of individuals before the dogs are provided. Here are some of the things you should know when thinking of getting such a dog for yourself or a loved one.

Steps on how to get a service dog for PTSD veterans

Do some research – only a few organizations are mandated to provide service dogs which is why you must carry out some research to identify these organizations. Walk into any government office and inquire about programs that provide these pets. Representatives in the office will be able to give guidance on what you can do. They may pull up a few contacts and recommend them to you. There are plenty of online resources that can also be of help when you are looking for these pets. By simply taking advantage of these free resources you will be able to identify local organizations that can provide assistance.

Make contact with selected organization – once you have gone through the list of the organizations or government programs that can assist in acquisition of a service dog, the next step is to make contact and inquire about the requirements. In most cases you will need to prove that you were involved in a war and are an American citizen. You must have a disabling medical condition and that you have been released from all service and reserve obligations. While talking with a representative of the organization be sure to ask any questions that may be on your mind. This will make it possible for you to move on to the next step confidently.

Training and certification – most organizations require that people who get these service dogs are taken through a training and certification program. This program ensures that the individual is equipped with the right skills and knowledge on how to handle the dog. Lack of knowledge and skills on handling the service dog may lead to frustrations and possible conflicts with the dog. Keep in mind that the individual will be depending on the dog for certain issues while the dog will also be depending on the master for issues such as feeding and regular exercise sessions.

Submit an application – if you meet all the requirements stipulated by the particular organization you should go ahead to ask for an application form. Fill out all the details that are required as accurately as possible. Some organizations allow people to submit applications through online portals. Once you have entered all information go through the form to ascertain that everything is correct before submitting the application for review.

Discuss with loved ones and other parties – bringing a dog into your home is a huge responsibility which is why you need to take some time and discuss the matter with your family members. Let them know that you have submitted an application for a service dog and prepare them for a possible acquisition of the pet. If you are living in a rented house it is wise to talk to the owner or management just so you are clear about the rules of owning a pet. Keep in mind that there are certain rental apartments that do not allow tenants to live with pets.

Prepare the home – as your application is being processed you should go ahead and set up the house in such a way that it will be able to accommodate the dog. Purchase any supplies that are required for the dog. These may include shampoo for keeping the dog clean, dog beds, chains and any other supplies that you may deem necessary. It is worth pointing out that you should have your finances planned because you are likely to incur certain costs with regards to dog food and veterinary services.

Receive your service dog – once your application has been reviewed and approved a representative of the organization will get in touch and let you know about the news. You will then be allowed to meet the dog that will be assigned to you and go through various sessions of getting acquainted. The dog will then be turned over to you for a period of six months through which you are likely to be under probation. If you adhere to all the regulations and rules put in place the organization will sign over full ownership of the service dog to you.

The Four Most Common Motorcycle Injuries

Motorcycles have become a very important and integral part of the society. Today there are over a million plus motorcycles in just one country. Many motorists have discovered that motorcycles are very fast, and thus one can avoid being stuck in traffic jams. Others simply buy and use the motorcycles for the thrill and adventure that people feel. However, in the recent past there has also been a rise in the most common motorcycle injuries and deaths.

Common motorcycle injuries

In the event of an accident, there are those body parts that are very prone to getting hurt more than others.

Head and neck injuries

The head and neck are very sensitive body parts, because the head houses the brain and the skull, while the neck controls movement. In an accident, one is likely to get a head concussion, which may intern lead to swelling. There is severe brain damage in cases where the brain swells too much that the skull cannot house it anymore. While protecting the head, one also needs to consider the eardrum, which can also be damaged by the sounds and pressure. This is done to prevent it from bursting.

The neck is also a very important body part, and very sensitive if hurt in an accident. The spinal cord starts from the neck downwards and if the neck is damaged, then this can lead to paralysis or even death. This is why it is always important to wear a helmet when riding, to protect the head.

Leg injuries

Another common type of injury in motorcycle accidents is damages to the legs, knees and feet. Some riders may come out of an accident with just a rash, scrapes and bruises. However, they may not be to lucky as they may experience broken legs and feet, shattered and broken bones. Some may even end up having amputations or becoming disabled due to the nature of their leg injuries. These kinds of injuries can be prevented by wearing the right kind of protective clothing while riding. The protection gear includes knee pads, long trousers and riding boots.

Muscle damages

Muscle damage can occur anywhere in the body, and in severe cases can lead to paralysis. The most important thing to prevent damage of muscles is to always wear protective clothing and ride safe at all times. It is important that a rider goes to hospital after any accident even if there is no pain so as to ascertain if there is any muscle damage. Many people ignore visiting a hospital after a slight accident especially if they cannot see any physical injury or feel pain. Note that you could be experiencing a muscle, which is not easily seen but was strained during an accident.

Scrapes and road rashes

Many people ignore scrapes and rashes that they normally get during accidents. These are perhaps one of the commonest kinds of injuries motorcycle riders get on their bodies. The injuries occur on the legs, thighs, and hands, and sometimes on the face. These can be created by skidding on the road or hitting on the handle bars at a high speed. If one is not wearing the right clothing, the cloth can be torn and the skin scrapped during the impact. A scrape or rash should not be ignored, because if not properly treated, it can lead to skin infections and in some cases lead to nerve damage. The preventative measure for this kind of injury is to wear thick protective clothing. In this way, one can avoid the skin being scrapped or cut on the rough road surface.

Arm injuries

The other more common type of injury happens on the arms. In the course of a motorcycle accident, the rider does not have a safety belt to prevent him from flying off the bike. The first instinct in such a case is to use the arms to help cushion your fall, and reduce the impact of falling off a fast bike. The result is that the arms and the upper body end up receiving the greatest impact, as the whole body falls on it. This leads to broken bones and damaged nerves, which may result to amputation or even paralysis. The best way to prevent this kind of accident is having elbow pads to lessen the impact on the hand.


It is important that you therefore, wear the protective clothing recommended for a rider, especially a good quality motorcycle helmet. Ensure also that any passenger on the motorcycle wears it. This way, you lessen your exposure from the most common motorcycle injuries.

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