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Traumatic Brain Injury: What victims and their families have to deal with

A harsh blow to the head can result in a kind of damage known as the Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). This is a serious problem with grave implications. Victims and survivors have to battle its horrendous consequences for years, until they succumb to an untimely demise. Unfortunately, this condition has no cure. However, survivors and their caregivers should educate themselves about how to handle it and what to expect. This will prepare them for the life that lies ahead.

Important information regarding this condition:

  • If you suspect that an acquaintance may have suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury, do not wait for any symptoms to develop, but look for medical assistance immediately. The sooner proper medical treatment is provided, greater will be the chances of recovery.
  • Doctors will attempt to stabilize the condition and control the damage. Whatever remains unchecked will persist for the rest of the life.
  • Based on this, your doctor will prepare you regarding what life is going to be like and what steps you can take to manage it. They will guide you regarding proper care and management.
  • One of the worst things is, survivors and their families are often in denial regarding this tragedy. This is actually an impediment to their healing. So, one needs to make efforts to come to terms with this event.
  • If necessary, you should start seeing a psychologist, or at least share your feelings with close friends or family. As dubious as it may sound, this is the first step towards rehabilitation.
  • The next important thing is physiotherapy. This is needed to maintain and strengthen the remaining functions. This has to be on a regular basis under the guidance of a dependable professional, who will skillfully assist the patient in this regard.
  • In case of such damage, because so many functions get impaired, disuse can lead to muscular atrophy. So, regular exercise and therapy are very essential. They ensure that blood circulation is maintained properly. Many times they also lead to improvement in the condition.
  • Many times, the patient is completely bedridden, or needs round the clock care and attention. In such cases, family members may not be equipped and trained to care for the patient properly. So, it is advisable to hire a professional nurse or aide who will watch over the patient.
  • These professionals are trained and experienced, so they will not only take good care of the patient, but also help you to learn how to live with such problems. Many people are testimony of the fact, that, such caregivers have helped greatly in coming to terms with the situation.
  • It is important for the family, and if possible the patient, to join support groups. The reason for this is, here you will connect with people who have faced what you are going through and are the best people to understand your circumstances. Their empathy and assistance will play a vital role in helping you to rebuild your life.

Traumatic Brain Injury needs to be overcome in a strategic manner. It requires considerable effort and patience. Do not give up, because as long as there is life, there is hope.

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